Nourish: Happy Heart Day!

It's Almost Valentine's Day!

February 14 is right around the corner, and we've been observing the tone of the 2017 Valentine's Day press with despair...maybe it's just here in the UK, but everything we see about this AMAZING holiday reeks of snark.  We know that's part of the British modus operandi, and yet it just seems unnecessary this year with all the other actually, meaningfully disturbing events flying around.  Love it, hate it, meh about it, can we all at least agree that Valentine's Day is the one bright light in the bleak armpit of the year that is February?  Single, taken, heartbroken, or hopeful, even the completely asexual should get on board with this fabulous holiday, because it is an immense excuse to indulge in sensory pleasure, whether that's scent, taste, an overload of pink kitsch, or all of the above.  This is a holiday that really overdoes it in style, so ladies and gents, let's get camp.

Fact: there is no film as camp as Valley of the Dolls

Fact: there is no film as camp as Valley of the Dolls

Growing up, Valentine's Day was one of our host's favourite holidays because she was guaranteed to receive a flower & some zebra-striped Hershey's from Mom.  Honestly, did the holiday kisses ever taste as good as the normal ones?  Who cares; the pastel foil was everything, and the high you got from your chocolate kiss rivalled even the thrill you'd get from holding hands with your crush at the couples-skate at the local roller rink (anyone else?  We'd moisturise our hands for days in anticipation!).  Hand on heart, Mom's Valentine's Day care packs were always more hotly-anticipated and satisfying than gifts from boyfriends.  They were everything this saccharine holiday should be; sweet, slightly juvenile (in a nostalgic way!), girly and loaded with love from someone you knew really meant it & always would.  Aw!  In the purgatory between New Year's Eve and Easter, this day of all things pink really stood out.  And honestly, what's wrong with pink?  Sometimes it seems like this color has been so co-opted by "chic" that you can't admit to loving the OG Barbie look without being accused of regression.  To all the bubblegum pink haters, I invite you to spend VDay 2017 watching Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, where their "fun, frisky use of color" comes out on top.  YES.

Not a modern look?  R&M tell you to suck it

Not a modern look?  R&M tell you to suck it

This is the amount of snark we can handle these days. - and the color!

This is the amount of snark we can handle these days. - and the color!

But there are some understandable reasons why people love to hate on Valentine's Day.  It's commercial, it seems kind of unnecessary, and it can come across as a kick in the bits to those without a significant other.  So I am inviting you to interpret this holiday another way - consider it an invitation to indulge in stuff YOU LOVE.  That could be all manner of things...but at Life Butter HQ, it is going to be all manner of chocolates, flowers, hearts and make up, because we are saps, and because a little bit of pink cheer seems very necessary these days!  Who says rosé is just for summer anyway?  

So now that you're fully on board the Glitterbomb Express, here's a little run down of what I'll be binging on in the run-up to heart day.

Sugar Bomb

These days, no matter what your wellness foodie tribe, refined sugar is enemy number 1.  RIP, Be-Mine sweethearts.  That's probably for the best, but what is wellness replacing with these bubblegum giddiness-bombs?  Let me guess...brownies sweetened with mejool dates, maple syrup or other "safe" sugars?  Or maybe just a delivery of fresh fruit, which for the stricty-strict no sugar crowd is still a mega concession?

Pass.  We'll be baking up some homemade treats for sure (and especially for the kiddie brunch we have planned), but we've also stocked up on a few select staples..because even if they are kind of disgusting in a certain way, in another way these treats are actually amazing.  Why weren't these Reese's hearts around in the '90s?  *Not thinking about the food colouring*...#yesplease


BUT, to be real-real, we'll also be grabbing some dairy-free chocolate...because we won't be eating Reese's on the daily (or will we?)



So here's  little secret: we like to watch YouTube make up tutorials while making dinner.  We love this space; YouTubers are immensely talented, and it's both fun & relaxing to see what these creative minds dream up.  Especially the guys!  Not so much for replicating necessary, but how much fun are these VDay inspired tuts?  YouTube make up artists truly BLOW OUR MINDS, and Valentine's Day is the most fun make up event on these channels after Halloween!  The 50 Shades Darker look is really creative, but what about that pink eye look with the lace choker?  Yes!

Sparkle Scent Bomb

Just barely above the sophistication level of Victoria's Secret perfume (Heavenly, anyone?), Ladurée does home & beauty!  They have a range of candles that smell essential of variations of butter and sugar, and a violet powderpuff that looks as if it were taken straight from the set of I Dream of Jeanie.  The candle jars make pretty make up brush holders once they burn down, though the scent is so strong that it may take you a while to get through them!


So what will you be indulging in this Valentine's Day?  Hopefully more than your loathing of the holiday - go out (or stay in) and engage with something you truly enjoy!  You'll be the happier for it, whether romance is on your mind or not.