Sleep - Follow Along on The Food Medic's Blog!

Of course you know Hazel Wallace, because she is not only all over instagram, but was recently featured in both Women's Health and on TV advertising Linwoods sprinkles (see below).  What?  Health bloggers have officially arrived!

What we love about Hazel here at Life Butter is that she is not only the very definition of a badass modern woman in that she works a pretty intense day as a junior doctor, still makes time for quick, effective workouts, healthy eating and her nearest & dearest, but she is also a passionate health advocate who views a healthy lifestyle as a longterm game.  If you don't already follow thefoodmedic on social media, go and check her out - you won't be sorry.

We are delighted to be a part of Hazel's growing online community as a guest blogger.  On a monthly basis, we'll be sharing better-sleep strategies: implementing what we've learned so far in season 1 of Life Butter Radio, and creating habits that will help us all get better sleep.  We're really excited about this project, because it's one thing to passively hear about the importance of getting more sleep, and another entirely to implement some changes to help you get it.  Our first post went live today - click through the link below to see our first tip for Hazel's readers.