Sometimes You Just Gotta

Life Butter is a thoroughly London-based channel, and don't get us wrong - we do love it here....most of the time.  But there are some times when you just have to get away to get some perspective.  Fresh air, more green & a slower pace - these are all things that help you feel better.  There's an argument to be made that travel (well vacation travel anyway) is just as centring as meditation.  How can you be anywhere but in the moment when you've left behind the daily grind to check out somewhere new?  We recently had relatives in town, and, emboldened by the additional set of hands to help with LB's smallest team member, decided to brave the car journey down to Cornwall.

The ride wasn't that long by American standards (7ish hours door to door?), and within moments of setting foot on the sandy beach, we felt it had been worth the journey.

Not that it was particularly warm.  

But the sun was shining, the air fresh and we'd found that organic wine was available on the Sainsbury's delivery, so all seemed spectacularly well.  In the latest Episode of Life Butter Radio we get well into organic, natural & bio-dynamic tipple as well as some fun, gut-friendly non-alcoholic drinks.  Feeling inspired, we also brought some kefir granules and made our own kefir!  Which was great, because we had a lot of fish & chips (almost once a day, I would reckon)...and the resident sweet tooth got well into the cream teas.

Not for me, but I was into the retro plate

Not for me, but I was into the retro plate

Of course, true to what we've been learning about food over the course of our look at that over on the radio show, we found that, despite the fact that we were eating & drinking loads of things that would normally feature on the "never" list at home (e.g. bread, sugar, fried everything), we felt amazing the entire time we were away.  No one even seemed bothered by allergies, despite all the incredible flowers in bloom.  Convinces me that it might not be just the pollen that sets us off this time of year in London.

The best part by far, however, was the incredible coastline, littered with old mines, ancient ruins (druids, anyone?) and early Christian chapels.  Maybe it was the glorious carpet of wildflowers, maybe it was the sun, or maybe it was the wine, but the local superstitions about the existence of fairies and such seemed faintly plausible.  There are just so many places for magical creatures to hide!

I've always loved areas with a real sense of identity, and Cornwall is one of those places where, if you tap into it, you can really feel the history all around you.  Not to sound all woo-woo, but the energy of these ancient holy sites in particular....well, it's palpable.  We were speaking to a friend who's just gotten into reiki (coming up sometime soon on LBR!), and she said that the reason why we feel more at ease, and perhaps better attuned to our true selves near the water is because water is a conduit for energy.  That's also the reason why the rhythms of the moon matter, because they affect the tide.  That might be too much for you to swallow, but next time you're at the beach, notice if you feel calmer, or a greater sense of certainty.

Cornwall has always been a favourite holiday destination, but thanks to the latest two seasons of Poldark, it's become even more popular.  You don't have to be there during shooting season to see Aidan Turner's face...I think he's become the unofficial mascot of this county!

See?  Multiple reasons to come down and enjoy something easy on the eyes.