For the love of words, on Instagram

Anyone who thinks that wellness enthusiasts do not love food (and real food at that) has not hung out on Instagram.  Now obviously IG is not in any way even close to a representation of reality - what we really think, how we really feel, how we really look, etc...(for all the "authenticity" out there, we know that moments of genuine vulnerability and raw reality sit side-by-side with FaceTuned cheekbones and breakfast tables styled like a spread in Elle Decor).  We don't hate it - it is what it is.  We are not inspirational quote people, really, but we do love the proliferation of certain food-lover memes and quotes.  They amuse, brighten the day a bit, and we've collected some of our favourites here below.  Most of these we've seen on multiple pages so feel like original authorship is untraceable, but if someone wants to correct us, do get in touch!

We're still talking food on Life Butter Radio; head on over and have a listen to some of our latest episodes for other foodie-related fun!

Love and avocados,

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