Episode 8: Nourish - Clean Eating Is Filthy

This babe eats gluten and dairy...sometimes even together!

This babe eats gluten and dairy...sometimes even together!

Why are our expectations of food so unbelievably high these days, and is the path to clear skin, boundless energy and fantastic immunity really paved with spiralized veggies, massaged kale salads and grass-fed beef?  Why are we suddenly turning our backs on foodstuffs that we have eaten for thousands of years?  Is "clean eating" really the modern, healthy and sustainable way to feed ourselves, or is our intolerance to gluten and dairy simply the product of our affluence?  Food means so much to us as individuals, as families, as cultures and as a planet, and in this episode, we wanted to ask the big questions about what our new obsession with a very prescriptive way of eating means about us as people in the larger sense.  In a time when so many of us are feeling tribal and untrusting of viewpoints we don't agree with, the way we eat should not be another cause of division.

In this episode, we speak to restaurant critic, historian, biographer and novelist Lisa Hilton, who shares our frustrations with the clean eating movement, and who has a love of food as entertainment, pleasure and joy.  Together we ponder how the Renaissance occurred when all of Italy was bent double with gluten-inflamed guts, why women in particular are afraid of food, and how we can rekindle a love of simple, inexpensive and healthy home cooking that doesn't chain modern, busy, badass women back to the stove.  Go grab a glass of wine and tune in for an episode that is just as essential for the wellness-fanatic as for the wellness-sceptic.  We have a feeling this episode is going to make you FEEL THINGS; be sure to find us on social and let us know what you think!  And if you haven't already, please subscribe to the show and leave us a rating in iTunes; it really helps listeners find us!

More Sexy Stuff!

Lisa has a new book out!  Domina is the sequel to the very sexy, extremely fun Maestra.  Right on the zeitgeist of now, her heroine is a take-no-prisoners OG badass babe.  We'll be picking this one up & daring people to stare as we read it on the tube.

Lisa's Histories/Historical Fiction


Episode 7: Nourish - To Clean & Lean and Back Again

If you've been paying attention, you'll see that we've been talking of health topically, looking sleep and all it's magical powers (really, they are transformative).  But it is by now indisputable that a large part of how we look and feel is what we put into our bodies and minds...literally, how we nourish ourselves.  Nourish is our theme of 2017, and we want to learn about and celebrate all the ways that we can do that better.

So for Episode 7, we wanted to speak to someone who seems exceptionally good at doing just this, but is also very open about the fact that this wasn't always the case.  Tally Rye is a London-based personal trainer, YouTuber, fitness influencer and co-founder of #GirlGains, a movement empowering women to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Tally takes us through her own health transformation: starting from a place where, her own words, she didn't really have a clue, Tally has come through a stage of super "clean-eating" & mega training and out the other side to where she is now: a successful personal trainer, fitness influencer, business-owner and woman who focuses on enjoyment - of her food, of her body and of her life.  Her attitude couldn't be more Life Butter, and her story is both fun and inspiring. 



This episode was produced by Kari Erickson and featured personal trainer, fitness influencer and co-founder of GirlGains Tally Rye.  Sound editing provided by Natalia Rodriguez.

Episode 6: Sleep - Bedtime Story

We promised you one more little sleepy thing before we moved on from sleep to our next wellness topic of Season 1, which is nourish.  We've really enjoyed taking a closer look at sleep - why it matters so much, what our dreams can tell us (still exploring this one, and it's been such fun!), how our sleep practices and perceptions have evolved over time, how to help each other get more rest as a community, and how little babies learn to sleep at night.  It has been SO much fun, and we're glad that you've been enjoying too; thank you for the feedback.  

But when it came to our last words on sleep, we wanted to do something fun, interactive and whimsical - something that might actually help listeners to bed in a very practical way.  And so we've come up with a little bedtime story for you to enjoy. It's full of dreamy imagery, soothing sounds and the escapism into a fantasy life that so many of us crave in our crazy daily worlds.

So fluff your pillows, grab your eye mask & a cuppa tea (or whatever - we don't judge) and get ready to take a step back into childhood: we're going to read you a little story before bed.

This episode was written and produced by Kari Erickson with sound editing and design by Natalia Rodriguez.


Episode 5: Sleep - Sometimes, it Takes a Village

Twins?  No problem; Moni Westenbrink has got you covered.

Twins?  No problem; Moni Westenbrink has got you covered.

Something that's been kicking around in our minds since the health world exploded with news of all the various and very significant ways that sleep improves your health, appearance, productivity and temperament...what about people who are in a sleep-poor time of their life?  Specifically, what about parents?  And especially what about the brand-new, first time parents who, so often having and raising their children away from their extended families and support networks, are flailing around in a sleepless sea, desperate for a moment or two of shut-eye?

We thought it would be useful to speak to someone experienced in the art of infant sleep and, just as importantly, helping new mothers get the rest they need to recover physically from birth and breast-feed (if they so choose and they are able to do so).  Moni Westenbrink is a trained midwife and kraamzorg nurse; i.e. a nurse employed by the Dutch government to provide 7-10 days of postnatal care to new mothers, in their homes.  Swoon.  She is also a mother, and the daughter of two Catholic parents with a list of siblings longer than the family tree of all the Kardashian-Jenners combined, meaning that she's been looking after brand-new baby cousins since she was 12.  Not only that, she has also worked with private clients around the world, helping mothers recover from birth and helping little ones fall into a routine and learn to sleep for longer stretches.  Needless to say, when it comes to new mamas and their babies, Moni Westenbrink knows good sleep, and how to help families get it...though she has now retired from her private work - in part so she can catch up on sleep herself!

Tune in to understand why mother's sleep is just as essential as infant sleep for family health, why it can be especially hard for women in the West to get the rest they need after giving birth, and what new mothers and those who care about them can do to help sleep-deprived families get the sleep they need to enjoy their new additions, and their completely new lives.

Baby Sleep Resources


"A Real Life Mary Poppins Incarnate": This blog relates an Expat's perspective on having children in the Netherlands and the duties of a Kraamzorg nurse like Moni.  Think washing/laundry, teaching parents how to care for baby, meals and monitoring baby's growth and development.  The stuff of dreams.

The Paediatric Council has just launched a new site with all the information you could ever want to read about baby sleep.  This amazing free resource compiles the recommendations and advice of a respected team of experts with years experience in sleep and development.  Think videos, advice summarised categorised by age and recommendations for the apps and tools that really work.  HIGHLY recommended for all parents.

Moni rates the UK-based Millpond Sleep Clinic too for advice and courses.

This episode was produced by Kari Erickson with sound editing by Natalia Rodriguez.


Episode 4: Sleep - (Well) Before the Smartphone

Dr. Handley knows good sleep

Dr. Handley knows good sleep

And we're back!  Still mad on sleep (it is winter after all - who isn't), so for Episode 4 we caught up with Sasha Handley, author of Sleep in Early Modern England and Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Manchester.  She reveals that there was a time, not even all that long ago, when we actually cared about sleep.  So much so, in fact, that, as a society, we had developed a whole set of practices to ensure that we slept as well as we could.  This included everything from sleep recipes, sleep charms, the sinister-sounding candle-magic, and rituals around cleanliness and bedlinen.  This was before modern technology - before electricity, even, and nighttime presented an opportunity to close out your day, switch off, and turn your mind to greater things before surrendering to the unknown of nighttime.  Tune in to discover what we can learn from the past bring us a better sleep experience, with a few good giggles along the way!  


Episode 3: Sleep - How to Sleep When You've Overindulged

Sleep - the best performance enhancing drug, the key to our inner selves via our dreams, and nature's cure-all: it is THE essential ingredient to getting over a hangover, a late night dinner, or whatever it is that is disturbing your nighttime routine in this festive season. Join our host as she takes one for the collective and goes out big...but with an eye on making sure she catches her Zzzs once she's home.

Source: www.tvland.com

Source: www.tvland.com

This episode was produced by Kari Erickson with sound support by Natalia Rodriguez.


Episode 2 : Dreams - The Ultimate Selfies

Dream interpretation - more than just an adolescent pastime, keeping track of your nighttime cinema can help resolve both mental and physical trauma, and help us realise our ambitions.  Yes, really.  Tune in as we speak to dream therapist Ian Wallace who invites us to spend an extra few minutes in bed (always welcome!) to ponder our dreams.  He explains how we can make sense of what we dream, why we shouldn't fear nightmares, what smoking does to your dreams and why our dream imagery is actually our most accurate and useful selfie.  Fluff those pillows and get ready to delve into the realm of the subconscious.


Click below to learn more about Ian Wallace and his practice.

This episode was produced by Kari Erickson and edited by Natalia Rodriguez.