Episode 6: Sleep - Bedtime Story

We promised you one more little sleepy thing before we moved on from sleep to our next wellness topic of Season 1, which is nourish.  We've really enjoyed taking a closer look at sleep - why it matters so much, what our dreams can tell us (still exploring this one, and it's been such fun!), how our sleep practices and perceptions have evolved over time, how to help each other get more rest as a community, and how little babies learn to sleep at night.  It has been SO much fun, and we're glad that you've been enjoying too; thank you for the feedback.  

But when it came to our last words on sleep, we wanted to do something fun, interactive and whimsical - something that might actually help listeners to bed in a very practical way.  And so we've come up with a little bedtime story for you to enjoy. It's full of dreamy imagery, soothing sounds and the escapism into a fantasy life that so many of us crave in our crazy daily worlds.

So fluff your pillows, grab your eye mask & a cuppa tea (or whatever - we don't judge) and get ready to take a step back into childhood: we're going to read you a little story before bed.

This episode was written and produced by Kari Erickson with sound editing and design by Natalia Rodriguez.