Episode 8: Nourish - Clean Eating Is Filthy

This babe eats gluten and dairy...sometimes even together!

This babe eats gluten and dairy...sometimes even together!

Why are our expectations of food so unbelievably high these days, and is the path to clear skin, boundless energy and fantastic immunity really paved with spiralized veggies, massaged kale salads and grass-fed beef?  Why are we suddenly turning our backs on foodstuffs that we have eaten for thousands of years?  Is "clean eating" really the modern, healthy and sustainable way to feed ourselves, or is our intolerance to gluten and dairy simply the product of our affluence?  Food means so much to us as individuals, as families, as cultures and as a planet, and in this episode, we wanted to ask the big questions about what our new obsession with a very prescriptive way of eating means about us as people in the larger sense.  In a time when so many of us are feeling tribal and untrusting of viewpoints we don't agree with, the way we eat should not be another cause of division.

In this episode, we speak to restaurant critic, historian, biographer and novelist Lisa Hilton, who shares our frustrations with the clean eating movement, and who has a love of food as entertainment, pleasure and joy.  Together we ponder how the Renaissance occurred when all of Italy was bent double with gluten-inflamed guts, why women in particular are afraid of food, and how we can rekindle a love of simple, inexpensive and healthy home cooking that doesn't chain modern, busy, badass women back to the stove.  Go grab a glass of wine and tune in for an episode that is just as essential for the wellness-fanatic as for the wellness-sceptic.  We have a feeling this episode is going to make you FEEL THINGS; be sure to find us on social and let us know what you think!  And if you haven't already, please subscribe to the show and leave us a rating in iTunes; it really helps listeners find us!

More Sexy Stuff!

Lisa has a new book out!  Domina is the sequel to the very sexy, extremely fun Maestra.  Right on the zeitgeist of now, her heroine is a take-no-prisoners OG badass babe.  We'll be picking this one up & daring people to stare as we read it on the tube.

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