Episode 14: Surprise! Morning Sickness, Nausea and Eating Well When You Feel Like Crap


Where have we been?  The answer is caught up in a surprising development has kept our host down for the count for several months.  Good Lord, has it been a long time, but we are finally back on track and, coming out of this experience, armed wth some tips to share with anyone who is battling a state of chronic unwellness.  It is the pits, my friends, but we are able to testify that, if you get strategic, you can still sneak some nutrition into a stomach that seems to only tolerate things like cheesy fries.  And you can health-ify a wide range of delivery options so you can keep cooking minimal....because whether you are seriously hung over, battling raging morning sickness, in the throes of exhausting treatment or otherwise MAN DOWN, your energy and interest in cooking is probably rather low.

So grab a (flat) coke, put your feet up, and check out this short special episode, in which our host shares her surprising news, breaks down the strategies she employed to sneak some nutrition into the pizza, pasta & potatoes she's been living off of, and her view on the nostalgic comfort food that haunted her dreams.

There's more detailed tips on the carb-protein-fat ratio that tames tummies on the blog, and we have more great foodie interviews coming up - stay tuned!

nostalgia, thy name is PB&J

nostalgia, thy name is PB&J