Episode 1: Sleep - The Best Performance Enhancing Drug Known to Man (Seriously)

On the surprising foods that affect your sleep, why you should brush your teeth by candle light and why sleep is the best performance enhancing drug known to man.  In this episode we talk to James Smith, CEO and Founder of science-based sleepwear line SleepDeep.  He has spent the last year talking to sleep science experts and immersing himself in the world of sleep research to understand why sleep is so fundamental to health, how our behaviour impacts our sleep (and our sleep our behaviour), and what we can do to catch more of those precious Zzs.  So grab a mug of camomile, put on your mask and get ready to sleep your way to better everything.


Learn to Sleep Like an Angel

This episode was produced by Kari Erickson, and edited by Natalia Rodriguez.  It was mixed by Natalia Rodriguez and Candela Palencia.