Episode 7: Nourish - To Clean & Lean and Back Again

If you've been paying attention, you'll see that we've been talking of health topically, looking sleep and all it's magical powers (really, they are transformative).  But it is by now indisputable that a large part of how we look and feel is what we put into our bodies and minds...literally, how we nourish ourselves.  Nourish is our theme of 2017, and we want to learn about and celebrate all the ways that we can do that better.

So for Episode 7, we wanted to speak to someone who seems exceptionally good at doing just this, but is also very open about the fact that this wasn't always the case.  Tally Rye is a London-based personal trainer, YouTuber, fitness influencer and co-founder of #GirlGains, a movement empowering women to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Tally takes us through her own health transformation: starting from a place where, her own words, she didn't really have a clue, Tally has come through a stage of super "clean-eating" & mega training and out the other side to where she is now: a successful personal trainer, fitness influencer, business-owner and woman who focuses on enjoyment - of her food, of her body and of her life.  Her attitude couldn't be more Life Butter, and her story is both fun and inspiring. 



This episode was produced by Kari Erickson and featured personal trainer, fitness influencer and co-founder of GirlGains Tally Rye.  Sound editing provided by Natalia Rodriguez.